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Medicare Made Easy

Ken R Wood got his start in the insurance industry in 1999 and he founded Best Access Insurance in 2007. His wife Dawn has been helping him with their insurance company behind the scenes from the beginning and she took a more active role also brokering plans in the last couple of years. They have been serving people in California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, and other areas ever since. We enjoy serving people and helping them find the best insurance coverage for their present and future needs. We’re committed to being informed, honest, and ethical in all our business dealings and will always approach your personal information with the utmost confidentiality.

The advantage of going through us is you get the extra customer support we provide with no extra cost, and we can explain your options with many insurance companies and not just one insurance company’s options.

portrait of Ken Wood, our Medicare Insurance Agent.
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Your Desired Benefits

Why Choose Us?

  • We can save you money & time while insurance shopping by helping you match your desired benefits with your desired price.
  • We will help and advise you in completing your insurance plan application.
  • After your application submission, We’ll monitor the underwriting process to help improve your odds at being approved.
  • Best of all…our service is Free. There is no additional cost for our service (AKA… no broker fees). In other words, you’ll pay the same price using our services as you would if you applied directly with whichever company you applied for insurance coverage with… Guaranteed.

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