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Medicare Part A - The Hospital Insurance Portion of Original Medicare

Medicare Part A - The Hospital Insurance Portion of Original Medicare

Medicare Part A beneficiaries receive coverage for hospital expenses critical for inpatient care. These include a semi-private room, nursing services, meals, the medications required during inpatient treatment, and other related services and supplies from the hospital.

Part A insurance does not cover a private hospital room, private-duty nursing, or personal care item expenses such as shampoo, telephone, and television. It also does not cover the cost of blood unless the hospital receives blood from a blood bank without a charge. For hospitals purchasing the blood, the cost of the first three units is the beneficiary’s responsibility.

A blue box with the words part a covered hospital-related services.

Coverages Include:

  • Inpatient Hospital Care.
  • Hospice Care.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility.
  • Nursing Home Care – Provided If Custodial Care Is Not The Only Care Required.
  • Home Health Care – Conditioned Home Health Services.

The Costs Associated With Part A:

  • Medicare Part A Monthly Premium – $0 If You Paid Medicare Taxes For 10 Years.
  • Annual Deductible – The Amount Changes Annually.
  • Inpatient Hospital & Skilled Nursing Co-Pays.
  • 20% Co-Insurance – The Covered Medical Expenses Medicare Does Not Pay

Part A Also Has Critical Inpatient Care Provided Through:

  • Critical Access Hospitals.
  • Acute Care Hospitals.
  • Long-Term Care Hospitals.
  • Mental Health Care.
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities.
  • Participation In A Clinical Research Study.

Medicare Part A Enrollment:

Automatic enrollment in Part A Medicare insurance happens during the month of a person’s 65 birthday if they have paid their Medicare taxes for at least ten years. If a person qualifies for Medicare insurance because of a disability before age 65, then enrollment is automatic for Medicare Part A when that person is considered Medicare eligible. Medicare Part A benefits start on the first day of the month during the month of turning 65. FYI – If a birthday falls on the first day of the month, the benefits will begin the first of the month, the month before turning 65.

Suppose a person is not eligible for automatic enrollment and wants Medicare Part A when they turn 65. In that case, they must apply to enroll in Medicare Part A. FYI – People wanting Medicare Part A who have not paid their Medicare taxes for ten years will have a Part A monthly premium.

CMS’s Initial Enrollment Period Has A Seven-Month Enrollment Timeline: (Center of Medicare Medicaid Services)

  • Three Months Before The Month Of A 65th Birthday.
  • The Month Of A 65th Birthday.
  • Three Months Following The Month Of A 65th Birthday.

Ways To Enroll In Medicare Part A:

  • Create A My Social Security Account At: SSA.gov And Enroll Online.
  • Call Social Security: 800-772-1213, Monday-Friday, 7 am To 7 pm EST.
  • TTY Users Should Call 1-800-325-0778.